Large 2" Matchstick Jar

  • $12.00
  • $12.00

Designed to complement our Lakes And Grapes candle collections, these matchstick jars are thoughtfully curated to match the ambiance and fragrance of our candles. Choose a jar that resonates with your favorite candle, creating a harmonious pairing that enhances both the visual and olfactory experience in your living space.

P.S. These make a great holiday gift alongside one of our candles.

 The Details:

  • Contains 75 Aspen Wood Matches
  • Strike paper affixed to the bottom  of the jar for easy lighting.
  • Match length: 48 mm (approx. 2”)
  • Jar size: 75 x 40 mm (approx. 3” x 1. 6”)

To Use: Simply take cork off, flip and shake softly to remove one match at a time. Strike to light by using the strike paper on the bottom. Blow out once finished.