A Night-In Spent Journaling

A Night-In Spent Journaling

This year is all about self-care and putting your mind at ease. 2020 had its ups and downs, believe us, we went through it all together. Let’s make time for ourselves throughout the New Year. Through the hustle and bustle to those still working and those who are looking to keep busy while staying home. Let’s wind down, grab a glass of wine, throw on a comfy hoodie, and take it to paper.

Write It Down

Here are a few journals prompts for you to start your New Year:

  •         What are my goals I would like to achieve this year?
  •         How will I reach those goals?
  •         What matters most to me?
  •         What would I like to do more of this year?
  •         Write tomorrow’s to-do list
  •         Set 5 goals for next month
  •         List 10 things that make you happy


       Warm & Cozy

    Taking the time to write down your thoughts is a form of self-care. Even if you can take 15 minutes with your night-in to start journaling. Relax, get comfy, and stay warm in the Lakes and Grapes Classic Hoodie! This hoodie is lightweight and so soft that you’ll want to lounge all night long. 


    About the author: Brooke, a Traverse City native who is passionate about living in Northern Michigan. Currently finishing her Associates of Marketing at Lansing Community College and a social media marketing intern at Lakes and Grapes. Outside of her studies and internship, Brooke enjoys lake days, exploring with her dog, and getting together with friends.
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